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A new standard for the biggest brands in the country

Embassy Industrial Parks Warehouse

Built on land parcels between 50-200 acres near the 7 Key cities of Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune, these industrial parks of India will be fully master planned to specifically cater to industrial and logistics traffic movements.

They will offer logistics and warehouse services that boast of a host of special amenities such as truck parking, canteens, rest areas, dormitories, business centres, etc., ensuring that each park becomes a self- sustaining business environment.

Efficiency 30% higher productivity

A combination of transport and planning features in our parks including smartly thought out parking areas, a weigh bridge as the trucks pull into our parks, unit-directional flow of traffic, no criss-crossing of trucks as they pull in and out of warehouses, and easy docking for trucks to load and unload ensure that we reduce throughput time.

Embassy Warehouse Vs Other Warehouse Comparision
2X Growth

Expandability Double your space, whenever you need.

Seamlessly expand to up to TWO TIMES your original space requirement when you start in our parks. Don’t let your growth story be inhibited by space requirements. We understand that with rapid expansion, comes increased requirement for resources and we ensure that we scale alongside—power & water supply, logistical requirements and other infrastructure needs such as sewerage, parking and catering for your crew.

All Direction Arrows

Flexibility With an eye on the future

Expand in both X and Y directions, accommodate changes in your manufacturing and racking requirements, integrate your lean manufacturing process, even change your entire production and assembly line, and change the number and type of products you can produce in one space.

Inside your warehouse, you have the flexibility to dismantle and rebuild internal walls and reconfigure the space—it’s all yours.

Security Camera Icon

Safety 24×7 security you can trust

Each of our parks has 24×7 CCTV coverage of the entire area. What’s even better is that we give you individual access to your warehouse so you can remotely monitor proceedings.

Our bounded park wide compound wall is 10ft high, and with CCTV surveillance on the perimeter, emergency response processes and trained teams, your warehouses are in the safest hands.

Amenities Extras that go a long way

What makes an Embassy Industrial Parks more than just a group of warehouses in India is the attention we’ve paid to everything outside—from rest areas for weary drivers, to round the clock canteens and first aid centres, we have thought through everything so you don’t have to.

We have the provision of creating an incubation space for your facility before you move in full fledged into the park, an excellent quick response fire fighting system in place ready and available round the clock and ample parking space for trucks so they do not affect the flow of traffic through the park and hamper your workflow.

You also have the best facility managers in the country: Embassy Services. With experience in managing over 28 million square feet, Embassy Services will ensure that the only thing you have to worry about is growing your business.

Embassy Industrial Parks Amenities
Embassy Industrial Parks Standard Building And Park Specifications

Download Building & Park Specifications

These are our standard building and park specifications. These specifications are for indicative purposes only. Detailed specifications are finalised based on mutual discussion and agreement

Size of buildings can increase or decrease based on requirements.

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Download Building & Park Specifications