Industries Unlocked. Logistics Unboxed.

The explosive growth of retail markets and the E-commerce industry, the emergence of international players, a renewed focus on manufacturing led by the government’s “Make in India” campaign and the impending implementation of GST in the country – are driving a paradigm shift in the industrial, light manufacturing and warehousing sector.

Clients no longer need simple warehouses to store their goods. They are looking for turnkey solutions that maximize supply chain efficiency while minimize operating costs. Embassy Industrial Parks understands the importance of warehousing; provides build to suit spaces, with all necessary approvals, to meet the need for modern industrial and warehousing spaces. These spaces are master planned to meet the most exacting requirements for power, water and connectivity to distribution centers along major logistical corridors and ports, providing all advantages of warehousing
This out-of-the-box thinking ensures you focus on your core business while you leave the planning, development and maintenance of your facility to us. Add in the flexibility of long term leases with minimal upfront capex, to experience the true power of what we call Industries Unlocked. Logistics Unboxed.